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TÜV Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
TÜV Certificate PED 2014/68/EU Module D
Certificate clean room ISO 14644-1

Flyers and Leaflets

Flyer valves and filling systems
Flyer services
Leaflet Manual Fill-Vent-Vac manifold
Leaflet Independent filling trolley for medical oxygen applications

The Industrial Gas Project House

The Industrial Gas Project House - brochure

Declarations of conformity

Declaration of conformity MPG03/MPG12
Declaration of conformity MPG12 RV
Declaration of conformity LCV

BAM certificates

BAM-certificate MPG 03 HD
BAM-certificate MPG 03 NC-NO
BAM-certificate MPG 03 PR
BAM-certificate MGP 12
BAM-certificate MPG 12 CV
BAM-certificate MPG 12 CV-LH

ATEX certificates

ATEX-certificate MPG 03
ATEX-certificate MPG 12 valves
ATEX-certificate MPG 12 RV
ATEX-certificate MPG 12 fittings
ATEX-Certificate LCV

General product informations

Maintenance and inspection intervals
Valve connections MPG/HPG

Data sheets

Datasheet MPG 03 HD
Datasheet MPG 03 NC/NO
Datasheet MPG 03 PR
Datasheet MPG 12 HD
Datasheet MPG 12 NC/NO
Datasheet MPG 12 PR
Datasheet MPG 12 RV
Datasheet MPG 12 FI
Datasheet MPG 12 FI-CV
Datasheet MPG 12 CV
Datasheet HPG 12 HD
Datasheet HPG 12 NC/NO
Datasheet HPG 12 PR
Datasheet HPG 12 FI
Datasheet HPG 12 CV
Datasheet DBV 20
Datasheet PTG pressure transmitter
Datasheet 8792 positioner
Datasheet 8793 process controller
Datasheet pressure gauges
Datasheet pipework elements
Datasheet LCV DN 25
Datasheet EBV

Operating instructions/Installation guides

Operating instructions single valves
Operating instructions EBV
Operating instructions LCV
Installation guide MPG 03-12 limit switch (electronic)
Installation guide MPG 03 limit switch (REED)
Installation guide MPG 03 pilot valve
Installation guide MPG 12 limit switch (REED)
Installation guide MPG 12 pilot valve
Installation guide MPG 12 FI filter change