4-offset butterfly valve

With the Quadax® valves introduction, müller co-ax® group expanded its product range into the area of the butterfly valves and therefore, extends the range with larger nominal diameters. With the unique 4-offset design and a new manufacturing technology, Quadax® meets the highest tightness requirements even under extreme temperatures from -270 °C to +800 °C.

This makes Quadax® butterfly valves to have the best input into the oil and gas industry, petrochemical, cryogenic and refineries, LNG + LPG, and many other applications. Quadax® 4-offset butterfly valve developed itself successfully in the worldwide market just from the start, getting the current solid positioning as a High Performance butterfly valve.

In this way, the Quadax® butterfly valve’s have a globally good reputation as a high-quality product, which is exclusively international marketed by müller quadax gmbh, a sister company of m-tech GmbH.

More info at: www.quadax.de