High Performance Valves

valve series from m-tech gmbh


Complete valve unit series LCV is designed for cold service applications. The standard bonnet length complies with BS6364, which allow safe and efficient using this valve at cryogenic services. The upstream relief hole in ball eliminates the pressure build up due to thermal expansion and evaporation of fluids. All valves are delivered as complete packages for the automatic handling of cryogenic gases.


FCE ...coming soon

This high end equipment, as a Final Control Element, is used to control conditions such as flow, pressure, temperature and level by fully or partially opening or closing in response to signals received from the process controller. FCE control valve from m-tech consists of a Top Entry style valve body with pneumatic actuator and smart positioner, all in a compact and rugged package to ensure the best solution for any demanding control application where both excellent control characteristic and long lifetime are required.



Quadax® is the butterfly valve series from our parent company müller co-ax ag. The unique 4-offset design and the new manufacturing technology make Quadax to fulfill the highest tightness requirements, even under extreme conditions, ranging from -270°C to +800°C.