Cylinder filling equipment

feature in Gasworld Magazine, Issue 118/March 2015, Stuart Radnedge


Summer 2014 saw In Focus…

analyse the trends in the cylinder filling sector and found automation to be the driving force in this business of late. So, nine months on, and looking at the equipment used to fill cylinders, we look at what has changed in this sector – and what the future may hold.

From our responses, it seems that automation is still very much the hot topic in cylinder filling, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. But it is clear that a number of other technological advancements are also influencing cylinder filling practices and trends, as iGas Managing Director Rob Lee explained, “The level of technology being used across the world generally falls into two categories: those markets with higher labour costs; and those markets with lower labour costs. However, in each case iGAS has seen a trend towards the use of higher quality equipment. Over the last year iGAS has been busy working on both.”

“Looking at the higher labour cost for iGAS), we have been developing our suite of standard technologies in line with client demands over the last year or so. This has included: productivity improvements; advanced methods for mixtures filling; methods for reduction in heat of compression at the point of fill, to reduced filling times in the warmer months and climates; increased focus on automatic report generation/gathering and integration into client business systems; reduction in commissioning time on-site; and new valve and package development. The success of these developments has been a win-win for iGAS and its clients.”