Pressure gauge

Heavy Duty pressure gauge with Bourdon tube

  • Medium: liquid or gaseous media which are not highly viscous and which do not attack copper alloys or crystallize
  • Flow restrictor integrated for safe operation with oxygen
  • Excellent load-cycle stability and shock resistance
  • Copper alloy measuring system
  • Case protected against overpressure
  • Viewing window made of safety glass

These pressure gauges are specially made for m-tech and can be used in all applications where particular importance is attached to measuring accuracy, reproducibility and long-term stability. All Heavy Duty pressure gauges comply with general international recommendations for measuring systems and take requirements for specific applications and technical standards into consideration. Panel mounting is facilitated by the central connecting pin at the back and a corresponding mounting bracket.

Ø 63, Ø 100
Bottom, radial or back, eccentric
-1 … 1,5 bar, 0 … 400 bar, 0 … 600 bar
Stainless steel, 1.4301
Measuring element
Copper alloy
Thread connections
Ø 63: G 1/4 bottom, radial Ø 100: G 1/4 back, eccentric
Media temperature
Tmin. -20 °C, Tmax. 80 °C
Ambient temperature
Tmin. -25 °C, Tmax. 60 °C
Type of protection
IP 54 nach EN 60 529
Flow restrictor
Brass / Ø 0.3
Ø 63: 0,21 kg ; Ø 100: 0,6 kg
Datasheet pressure gauges